The Band

The Ordeal - Heavy Metal from Hannover, Germany
Kai ReuterMicha FrommOliver OppermannRon Oberbandscheid


- straight into the middle of your musical senses.

After supporting Rage during a European Tour in 2004 with their very first Album "King of Pain" produced by ex-Accept-guitarist Herman Frank, THE ORDEAL is back having released their second studio album in June 2012.

Our four talented metalheads from Germany have been working together for over a decade and were well deservedly labeled as " of the best German bands in a long time" (Source: as well as as "...a healthy mix of heaviness, melody and modern elements.."(Source: Musik Terrorverlag).

These experienced professionals have accomplished merging a variety of different influences creating their distinct sound, that we would not want to generalize with comparison to other bands. Rest assured that this is not your standard Heavy Metal by any means. Some may say that at times an interesting cross of DIO, Queen and Black Sabbath comes to mind which would of course make sense, considering the members of this quartet have clearly been influenced by the great heavy bands of the 70's.

Get ready for The Ordeal to continuously tour the globe in 2013 and 2014.