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The Ordeal China Blog Day 5

Next day we have some time for shopping in the historic part of the city. I buy an ukulele for my little son and some more gifts. We have to say goodbye to Yinghua and none of the guys can be cool with that. She´s done too much hard work for us in the last month, hope to see ya again. And that also is my saying to the rest of our team: Thanks mates as there are:

Volker of Magic Mile Music,
Bernd of Dott Records
Ralf – Sound engineer,
Dete – of Soulshots Photos and videos,
Kai of Viscom Tech,
Mert of Viscom Tech,
Mango and Shasha – Organization and translation,
Julia of Barca Music
and our families at home.

Without you we couldn´t have done this outstanding trip!!


The Ordeal China Blog Day 4

The MIDI Festival in Beijing once again!! This year´s MIDI is located in a winter sports area close to Beijing and arriving there we find a red carpet at the artists entrance, but no policemen, bloody hell what an improvement to the last year! Sunny weather and five stages quite close together. First impression: What a crowd. The audience is a waving mass, constantly moving from one stage to another. We get Fishers beer, Jägermeister and….. as usual in China almost no coffee to Kai´s regret.

The monitor technician directly recognizes us, he already did our stage sound last year… nice to meet ya again mate! The king size musical variety of the MIDI makes us leaving backstage and have some impressions of the other bands. We soon detect a lot of grind core and death metal, even two bands that joined the festivals in Zhenjiang and Wenzhou with us also. Michael is supported by Dixon China and we´re happy to find his set already on stage what means this time no surprise, thanks to Tina Hong from Dixon!!!

Showtime in Beijing is like meeting friends, unbelievable how many fans returned since we´ve been here last year. King of Pain and Unchain the Beast prove their value as fantastic openers one more time and the crowd is always singing Chained to the Dark with me. They are simply fantastic! Short affright during Mirrorland which always seem to be the favorite song of the Chinese audience: One of the stage divers crushes to the ground because he jumped too early before the others could turn to him….uuuuuuugh. I jump from the stage and look after him immediately, for heaven’s sake he is up again very soon…….uufff!!! They are dancing in circles like Chinese folk dancers and he´s preparing his next stage dive already… ok, no rest with The Ordeal. The party goes on and while we perform The Innocent the first flags appear. I love those Chinese flags all over the audience, a jumping crowd with flags…like that!!

The Ordeal China Blog Day 3

Getting up without breakfast at 05:50 am, heading for the bus, carrying all this heavy equipment to the station cross a very large forecourt of the train station, posing for another foto, check in with security control even here and then it came out: It was the wrong station and the bus has already gone. Yippieee……..rushing everything back over the forecourt entering 4 cabs and racing through the urban districts of Zhenjiang to the main station on the other side of city……never say tour life is comfortable……..but we caught the train on the very last minute, wonder what we had done if not.

I think we all slept most of the train ride to Whenzhou while Dete kept an eye on our luggage. When we arrived at the Whenzhou festival it rained like bloody hell. There was no bus to pick us up from the hotel to the festival grounds…..just two nice girls with a Nissan Micra!!! Rockers situation could be worse so I jumped into it, got some of the gear with me and drove with that nice one. Oh shit what a loamy pleasure, but compared to german festivals it really was fun because the mud only reached my knees. All the audience sheltered with umbrellas and plastic sheets, but they were singing our songs before I got up the stair to the stage…unbelievable!! When they saw me it turned to screaming! After several Nissan Trips the band was complete finally and the gig rolled to the fantastic skyline of super modern skyscrapers and a fantastic mountain panorama illuminated in flittering green laser light. The aftershow signing and fotosession was simply charming.

The Ordeal China Blog Day 2

Sorry for the delay of the blog dudes but it went quite busy the next days. And no www connection most of the time, or even worse: When there´s a connection, than facebook, twitter and youtube are strictly forbidden and blocked. We simply couldn´t get in…….another face of China 2013.

But here we go: Monday morning everybody had to wake up from death after this 35 hours trip, what seemed to be easier than expected, because of gallons of coffee we found at the fantastic breakfast.

After that all the usual band and festival chaos got us in his claws, like hurry up to sound check, changing guitar strings and driving hours through the vegetation of the little island we´ve been stranded on, because that´s where we were placed, we found it. The Zhenjiang Festival was spotted on an Island in the middle of an enormous river. We didn´t notice that at all, when we crossed that huge bridge last night. Organization is sometimes a little bit curious in this country, so even the driver didn´t know where to go and it took us hundreds of phone calls to find the backstage area. But dropping out the bus it was immediately the same overwhelming welcome like last year. The kids managed somehow to find us when we entered the backstage tents and we had to pose for the first fotoshootings before we could set down our gear. Signing CDs, necks and shoulders right before the gig……fantastic! The stage was as large as the MIDI stage last year and this year we were allowed to use our own beamer projection. Volker instructed the front of house guys to it….still wonder how he did…..english is a very rare language there. Our first show went on and although we had some technical problems, the audience was absolute stunning. They even sang the songs from our first album with me, they banged their necks to steel and really gave us a feeling of coming home.
We love you!!!!!!

The Ordeal China Blog Day 1

Dear friends and fans of The Ordeal,
Finally we reached China once again. Yesterday evening we arrived at Zhenjiang, one of the most popular festival capitals of China.

Bus transfer to Zhenjiang

It was a quite long trip – driving to Hamburg on the tour bus, the usual overweight-band-luggage-check-in-airport-madness and a flight in the very impressive Airbus A380 via Dubai to Shanghai.Dubai

In Shanghai we met our band godfather and toursupporter Volker of Magig Mile Music, his assistant Kai Schablak and the chinese bus driver. This time we are also compained by Dete the photograph of soulshots and in Beijing by Song Ting a freelancer camera operator, who did most of the video material for our last years videos of Dragon Tears and Here comes the Flood.

After this year´s visa chaos during the preparation of the tour – we recieved the visa on the very last minute 18 hours before check in –we´ve been really curious to meet one other person, who organizedall the gigs and the China connections this year. She´s called Yinghua, what means „cherry blossom“ and she really did a great job.


We´re confirmed on three huge festivals and when we arrived at the first hotel we found a very young and truly engaged person working for us.

Hotel Zenjiang

The chinese fans, the chinese friendship and culture support already convinced us last year to return to this great country, but to be honest there is one other reason which is much more simple: The delicious food!
Chinese Fruitshop And once again it was a very tired but nice first evening with noodles, beer and rice with the whole team at one huge round table. I love it!! Looking forward to stage time tomorrow!!!

Dear friends of The Ordeal,

we´re confirmed to three major festivals in China once again. This is a great honor to us and we´re really looking forward to this trip. We´ve been heavily supported by Magic Mile Music to join this fantastic opportunity. We´re leaving on April 27. for the flight to Shanghai and after that a short trip to Zhenjiang, where have a perfect 21:00 slot for show time. After that it´s another rush to Wenzhou, where we share three stages with 35 Bands from China... guess what a crowd, and after all the good old MIDI Festival in Beijing once again, last year already a cracker, now we hit them for the second impact. We´ll be accompanied by a camera team once again and we do some live recordings.....let´s see what´s going on, perhaps a live DVD....!

The last two weeks we´ve been very busy with creating our new live and performing clothes with the competed help of Michael Winkler who already worked for the Scorpions.

He´s still busy with the stuff, not too easy with those four strange guys we are….!

After the China trip there´s much more work waiting for us. Some festival gigs in Germany and a short five-concert-tour to Ireland in October together with our friends from Shoctopuss must be organized and besides that we´re working on new material for our third production.

The film crew which is still working on the documentary about The Ordeal recently is deeply in the cutting process of the tons of material they made with us. We´re quite exited what we´re looking like. They will finish it later than scheduled in the beginning but it seems to be truly heavy stuff…be prepared.

Hey Dudes,

finally we made the trip to UK and although it was quite a long trip with many hours in an overcrowded tour van, we enjoyed the journey.

Edinburgh left some colorful and majestic impressions – this old castle like a throne guarding the city – a small but very enthusiastic audience joined us. A fantastic live review on and the stirring sound of the Scottish accent completed the picture. Brilliant, I would really like to return. After the gigs in Glasgow and Birmingham we entered London Camden, a sort of multicultural melting pot with a great venue The Underworld.

A new support band is a on the road with us called Tuesday Suicide and they are doing well, fine metal stuff. Al from The Underworld did some good pre promo, the show crushes through the night and we have to hurry after curfew,because the ferry to Ireland leaves at 11:30 AM the next day, and a five hour road trip before. The owner of the small and scruffy hotel in Heathrow is already sleeping when we arrive, Brad our Roadie had to start a little serious conversation to get us into our rooms. Thanks Brad!! Three hours later we had to leave the hotel again to hunt for the ferry, a shocked but disbelieving owner dodders behind us.

Metal is not always the easy way!!

Thank God or the Son of evil we made Ireland!! Fantastic Show with the stunning local support Shoctopus, unbelievable landscapes and comfortable buzzing pubs to discover with tea and Guinness. Mainly Guinness.


Thanks Charly Black, Martin, Julia, Brad and Selma!!


Xxx Oppen


Dear Fans and Followers of The Ordeal,

Unfortunately we had to interrupt our “Descent from Hell” Tour because I felt seriously ill on the way down to Barcelona.
I already started the tour with an influenza and only got through the first heavy metal gigs with even heavier medication.
We are very sad and disappointed to miss the Spain part of the tour but we will return and make up for any dates missed as soon as possible.

Anyway, I´ll be back on stage in the UK and we´ll rock the islands and the house till the bottom of evil,

See ya soon,

Dear friends / fans / partners,

sadly we have to announce that the planned concert dates for Spain, Belgium as well as the remaining concerts scheduled for Germany are now cancelled because of health issues. We thank you for understanding and will be sure to do our very best to quickly make up for the missed out shows. Be assured that we would have loved to party, celebrate and rock every location while bringing "Descent From Hell" to you live. We guarantee that we will be back soon with full strength and full power. New dates to be announced as soon as possible.

At this moment in time plans are to go ahead with the UK leg of the tour just as scheduled.

All the best,
Dust On The Track Records
Record Label of THE ORDEAL & Knock Out Kaine

Online Tour Flyer

Download "The Ordeal Web Press Kit Tour Edition"


Tourblog - The Ordeal goes China - May 2012

Dear fans and friends of the Ordeal, it has become true! On Saturday 28th at 04:00 AM we started our long prepared tour to China. Up to now it was a stunning and very impressive journey full of surprising details we never expected this way. First of all: We didn´t expect China to be that modern and friendly. One smile can raise the help of many people even for the smallest needs. Thank you China, we love you!!

Sat 28th Hannover Germany:
We have to travel via Munich, the Vito Bus from the Car Rental is very small for five crazy Musicians and our Tour Team consiting of Qin and Mandy. Qin has done a five star Job to book and organise the Tour during the past five months, a fine scream to the blue sky for you Qin!!!!! The travel to Munich is already a little picture of what´s coming towards us in the next seven days. Every minute is filled up with damned sayings, laughter and smoking needs, absolute no silence, a scatter Band, but powerful. We enter the Plane at 15:15, one hour delay for heavens sake, otherwise the long time at the customs office would have caused injury. We´ve got a lot too much stuff with us.

The first jump to Beijing is a nine hours flight with no complications, interesting on board food and a very slowly working overhead table computer at each seat. I´m reading one of my favourite science fiction books: Peter F. Hammilton- The unknown Power, great Stuff!!

From Beijing Capital Airport – what a City in a City- we have to catch our domestic flight to Guangzhou, a 45 Million Urban Monster. Everything is fine till the Airplane´s door gets open. Bang! You could cut the Air in Peaces, none of us thought about this before, it´s a tropical climatic zone. Instant sweat is running down my back. “Stupid little guys from Germany” is my first thought. Fetching the mountains of luggage and the domestic oversize stuff is done quickly, now we have to find the Bustransfer to the Hotel, also nopro but then, just when we´re standing outside the Airport hall it comes: The people from Guangzhou call it “Thunderrain” and no doubt: It is what it´s ment to be. Flashes crushing in the closer Buildings, Thunder rolls through the majestic Airport Alleys and what a mass of water falling down from above. A noisy riot of car hooters, the water fleeing crowd and bursting lightning, …….this is an impressive entry to Guangzhou.

Later on the Guangzhou 430 Festival Ground, everybody jumped out of the warm clothes and took a shower, we´re heading for the Stage, curious what we have to work on, the next astonishment: Pretty huge Stage, professional equipped and a highly motivated Team of countless young and assiduous stagehands. Looks quiet good, we´re looking forward to the concert the next day. Let´s see how the crowd likes our Music. The Festivals director is only 24 years old, a likable and exciting guy, he directly invited us for lunch at a local restaurant area. It is simply wonderful: All the families are sitting outside, the tables on the street, the air is full of laughter talking and delicious smell. After Lunch we know Chinese origin Food can be as hot as Hell and the taste is not less than heaven…..fantastic!! A lot of things in China remind me to Andalucia in Spain. The Eating Culture is similar, small rations like the Tapas in Spain, the great differences between the social Levels of the people and the great hospitality.

The Gig on the Guangzhou 430 Festival:
We are the Festivals Opener. Due to the circumstance that we´ve got to get our flight at 7:30 PM we have to do the first festival show at 3:00 PM. Does anybody come at this time??? Yes they do, and how many! After the doors are open they run to the stage and in several minutes the Hall is filled up. Our MonsterIntro Sounds crosses the Air and the first five lines are screaming even though we´re still not on Stage……..whow! King of Pain crushes into the Crowd and there are only Metal-Fists risen up, a banging mass up to the last tune. Some very nice women inside this audience. The Story around Dragon Tears seems to be the burner to the Chinese Fans, be assured we love the Dragon too. After the Concert I have to leave the Stage Area very quickly for Interviews and the Guys signing CDs for the Fans. We got no time for a shower, just haul up the equipment into the bus, some hearty goodbyes and here we´re on the road again. The bus is much too small, we can´t get in all together, but a very close friend of Qin gives us the ride to the Airport in his E Class-Mercedes, just like Rock´n Roll Stars, thank you so much Johnson Li. Unfortunately we´ve got no more time in Guangzhou, but we´ll return and than we´ll do a real sightseeing.

On the return Flight to Beijing everybody is greedy for China Air´s Onboardfood, cause we didn´t have enough time for anything between check in the fuckin´ oversized baggage and running for boarding.

Back in Beijing:
China is coming towards us! If you remind this fact somewhere, it´s in Beijing. This town is such an impressive Statement to us all. Already the Capitals Airport says: Western Europe, here we are. And the City itself is a brewing mass, a flickering nightlife of young and modern people, nothing left of the post communism area. We get a perfect working transfer of the Midi Festival, a well sized bus and two friendly young assistants. The Hotel is great, we´re definitely dead and fall like cut off trees in our beds. Last orders for tomorrow: Festival Shuttle leaves at 11:00 AM, be there in time. Before next days breakfast we meet the Australian based Randall Wood and Song Ting, his Chinese Camera Assistance. They are doing the Fareast Continuation of our German Film team, which is accompanying us since several months, setting up a documentation about The Ordeal. There´s no Warm up, we like each other immediately. Sometimes it´s amazing how fast working together on exciting Stuff can make friends! You´re very welcome, both of you!! After Breakfast and the 90 minutes ride (nothing to wonder about in Beijing) to the Midi Festival´s Ground, we´re impressed on the Festivals extent. Three Stages in Wacken Dimensions and numberless people even now at noon. And very enjoyable: A lot of Metal on every Stage, seems we´re right here!

Tourblog - The Ordeal goes China - End.

The Ordeal still going strong!

After several years of grinding our fiendish musical claws we have good news to report.

First of all we became older and are now more determined than ever. There's no doubt about it. The Ordeal does not exist for the shortsighted call of money, fame or anything else often associated with this short living business. The Ordeal is just passion, simply passion.

It is our deeply felt need for bursting out fat guitar riffs, great soli, the spirit of well-reflected melodies and truly emotional Heavy Metal compositions. We cannot deny our roots in the late 70´s and we don't want to deny them. Our upcoming new album consists of material gathered from the past five years, since we did not rest for one split second. Everything that makes our life's so great and what happened in recent years is reflected in the new collection of songs.

We have to say a very huge THANK YOU to all our fans in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Spain, Latin America, Australia, France, Greece and from where ever you wrote us. Be assured we would still die for what we do. At least, because after Death we'll be moving through what's really going to be interesting. So come on and stay together at the thin red line and one step beyond, join us on...


-Since June 2011 we are working on our new Album in Kay´s Studio. Listen to the Promo Tracks on our Mp3/CD Site.

-A Film Team of the well respected College for Media Design in Berlin has moved into our cavern to follow us around on our way to the new production. See the teaser here, or on our site The Band.

-We found a new Friend of our music: Ralf Quick, who already worked with several  international top acts of course also really likes our Music. We mixed some tracks together with him at the Rock City Studios in Solingen and we´re happy to announce this competent partner at our side.

-We got a booking agency for Spain, Portugal and Latin America. During our previous tour through Europe we played some fantastic concerts in Spain and we instantly decided to come back. Now the time has come and we are really looking forward to visit the Metalheads in those Countries. Be prepared!